Best platform for blogging, Blogger Or wordpress?

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Best platform for blogging Blogger Or wordpress?
Best platform for blogging, Blogger Or WordPress?

                Today we all know that the bloggers and WordPress in this world of blogging are the only two best platforms. But when we start blogging, we all fall into the doubt of what platform we start our blog ( or WordPress). This is the first question that comes to our mind. We all spend a lot of time deciding on this. In today's article, I will answer the same question. So read my complete article.

                Today we all know that the blogger has become Google's service. Blogger is free and the most popular platform to create blogs. If you need more information about Blogger, then you should read the article written on my blogging.

➪Do You Know, What Is Blogging?👈

                WordPress is also a free and popular platform like blogger to create blogs. In, you can create a free blog and start your own blog in by buying paid hosting and domain. If you need more information about WordPress, please read the article written on my WordPress.

So let's know what difference between Blogger and WordPress:-

1)   Blogger is the service of Google one. When you create a blog in blogger, Google gives you the subdomain of Whatever content and data you publish on your blog, all of Sarah's data is stored in Google's server. This means that Google can delete both your blog account and blog whenever you want. And you cannot claim it back.
              In WordPress, you install WordPress in your purchased hosting. It means that you become your own boss of your blog. You can use it or close it whenever you want.
2)   Blogger has your data that is saved on Google's server. And when we transfer our blog to another blog's website then the transfer happens but your visitor becomes lower and your ranking decreases in Google.
              If you take hosting in WordPress, you can easily transfer data from one hosting to another hosting.

Best Platform For Blogging, Blogger Or WordPress

3)   Blogger gives you a simple operating system. You can easily customize Blogger. If you want to add something different from yourself in your post, then you cannot do that. You have to create your own blog with the same functionality you have received from Google.
              In WordPress, you get all the great functions. You cannot easily customize your blog in WordPress. You can also add Extra function to it. In WordPress, you get all the plugins that you can make your blog more beautiful.

4)  We use templates to look good on our blog's look. In Blogger we do not find such many templates. You should have to download good templates from other websites.
              But you get a lot of good templates in WordPress. You also get great themes in WordPress. These themes and templates are available in free and premium. We can use these templates to give a beautiful look to our blog.

5)  Blogger is a Google product. When you create a blog, its hosting is fully on Google. This means that you get the Strong Security of Google. If we get more traffic on our blog, Google fully takes control of it and does not have your blog slow.

               Wordpress is also very secure but cannot get security like Blogger. For this, you have to take care of WordPress Security again and again. If you buy a limited hosting, then the incoming traffic will not be able to handle it. For this, when you buy hosting, take his security check. There are also lots of plugins available on WordPress that provide security to your blog.

6)  After several days of blogger, some updates are seen. By the way, Google does not do much more on its behalf.
                In Wordpress, there are regular updates. We can make changes and modifications in your own way.

7)  Talking about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), WordPress is better than Blogger.
               Although SEO is better now in blogger with the help of plugins in WordPress, you can make your blog SEO even better.

8)  You can create a professional blog or website in WordPress. You get great themes and plugins in WordPress. If you have to add Google AdSense ads in WordPress then there are plugins for that too. Due to which you can easily fit ads in WordPress.

               You have to manually do all this in Blogger. You have to paste the code of Google AdSense ads in your blogger theme. So every single function in Blogger has to be manually operated.

9)  In Blogger, Label is an option, which acts as a tag, and posts are stored monthly and yearly.
               In WordPress, It has the option to upload categories and tags.

10)  In Blogger, It has an updated dashboard design. More features are available, but to use them all, enabling JavaScript is mandatory.

               In WordPress, Dashboard in WordPress increases the speed for dial-up users so that they can easily post an entry without much difficulty or wasting time.

                Friends, in the ten points given above, I have answered all the questions in your mind, which is the best platform to start blogging?

➤At last, I would like to give some few tips to you:-

Best Platform For Blogging, Blogger Or WordPress
Best Platform Tips

1)  Blogger is one of the easiest platforms to all. But if you want to make Professional Blogging, you have to create a blog in WordPress. But If you are new in blogging then you have to create a blog in blogger and after that transfer, you're blogging it in WordPress.

Create your Blog Here,

2)  Initially, if you want to start a blog without hosting and domain name, then you should use Blogger. Later you can transfer your blogger blog to WordPress blog.

3)  WordPress has plenty of plugins and themes. So if you do use more plugins for your blog, then your blog may be Slow. Use the same plugins as needed.

4)  If you go for Google AdSense. For that, you must read the eligibility of the Google AdSense I have given her link below.

➪Click Here - Check Your Google AdSense Eligibility 👈

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