What Is Web Hosting?

Today I will tell you, what is web hosting? how does it work? What are the types of web hosting? Where we can buy good web hosting? So friends, today we are going to know about this web hosting service. So friends, let's start today's topic.

          It is very easy to make friends' websites and blogs. But keeping the website and blog stable every day is not so easy. For that, we have to change and update something every day. We publish content well to someone. 

          But in addition to content, a website and blog require a web hosting and domain name. Due to both of these, blogs get recognition, and websites and blogs also rank quickly in Google. Choosing a good web hosting to new bloggers is not easy.

    What Is Web Hosting?

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    What is Web Hosting?

              A web hosting service is a type of website hosting service on the Internet. This allows individuals and organizations to make their websites and blogs accessible through the World Wide Web. We have to buy web hosting. Today there are many companies that provide web hosting. Companies provide monthly or non-hosting services to their customers. Web hosting is divided into small and large hosting services.

              Hosting connects to the World Wide Web and our website and blog get an identity on the Internet. Hosting is a place where we can save all the data on our website on the Internet. And any user who searches for this information will come to that information through the World Wide Web. All this information on our website is saved on the server of the World Wide Web.

              The main purpose of web hosting services is, Web hosts are those that make websites accessible on the Internet. This means that they save all webpages of hosted websites and blogs on their servers, and they take care of all setup, security, website main control, and other technical issues of related websites & blogs.

              I wrote an article on the Internet and the World Wide Web that you can read it.

    How Does Web Hosting Work?

              For this, I will give you an example of Blogger. When we create a website on Blogger, all the content we write and publish, after that, all the content is saved on Google's server which is for Blogger.

              When a user searches this website content in Google's search engine, our domain name is linked to Google's Blogger server and displays that content to the user. Any content we publish on our website or blog is saved to our hosting server through content files.

              The domain name is associated with hosting through the domain name system and this lets the domain know which hosting server the website has been saved to. Let me tell you, the domain name system of friends is different for every website.

    Types Of Web Hosting: -

              Friends are also types of web hosting. And because of these hosting, we can give our website a good Internet identity. So let's know the types of hosting.

    1) Shared Web Hosting: -

              In this hosting, all websites are kept on the same server. Meaning that the space on the server is shared with many websites. That is why it is called Shared web hosting.

              If you have created a new website, then you should use this web hosting. The fees for this hosting are also low. But as your website gets old and traffic to your website will also increase, this hosting will make it difficult to handle your website traffic, so you can change your web hosting later. This hosting cannot handle a lot of web traffic and it is too late to open the pages of your website.

              If seen, this hosting is the best of the new blogger. By using this, you can definitely understand basic things about hosting. The user interface of this hosting is very good and it is very cheap hosting.

    2) Dedicated Web Hosting: -

              This hosting is for one website only. Only one website's data can be saved in this hosting server. Therefore this hosting is dedicated to just one website. If more visitors visit your website daily then this website is perfect for you. Because dedicated hosting can control more and more traffic on the website. This is why the charges for this hosting are high.

              Big web companies use this web hosting. Most large YouTubers and bloggers use this type of hosting. Because in this hosting you get full access control and most importantly your website and server get strong security. But its charges are higher than other hosting types.

    3) Cloud Hosting: -

              Cloud Hosting is a new type of web hosting service. This hosting is completely dependent on the Clustered server. This makes your website stable and there is no load on the website. There is little chance of server down in this hosting. And your website traffic is handled well. Security is also well taken care of in this hosting.

    4) Virtual Dedicated Hosting:-

              Friends, this hosting is also called virtual private hosting. You do not need to share the server in this hosting. You will have the right over it. In this hosting, the server's resources are divided into virtual servers. Here you are allowed to use different resources for each virtual server. With which your website can use as many resources as it needs. It is also a good hosting.

    Where Can You Buy A Good Web Hosting?:-

              Friends, today everyone is creating their own website. This is when you search the internet, you will find many companies that provide hosting. I would like to tell you that you should buy hosting from the same country in which you live because you need to be able to access your hosting server quickly.

              You must buy hosting online. You can buy hosting using digital payment options like internet banking, debit/credit card. If you go to a website like Godaddy.com, you can buy a good hosting from here. In addition, the company named Bluehost also provides good hosting. You can get more information by visiting its website.

              Friend's, web hosting offers many companies today, so I would say that first, you choose a good hosting according to your website.

              Friend's, I am sure you would have liked my web hosting article. If you have any questions, ask me. Subscribe to my blog and like and follow my social media account too. That's all in today's article. See you in the next article.

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