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Friends, today I will talk about the Internet, Search Engines, and Google.

              Today everyone does not know what is the internet? What is a search engine? But today everyone knows about Google that it is the largest company on the Internet, from which we get a lot of information. So friends, in this article today I am going to tell you about the Internet, search engine, and Google these three topics.

              Today digital services are growing rapidly in every field and we can get these saris for digital services only through the internet. And we can get information about them only through Google or any other search engine. Today, the contribution of digital products and services is more important in our lives. So let's start today's topic.





              Friends Internet today has become an essential part of our life. If you talk about the world today, the internet has become much cheaper than before in the last few years. And today's people use more Internet than ever before. Because today, services have started coming in the form of a digital medium. Whether it is a food order or delivery or online transaction, all our work has become online. That's why a friend’s internet has become our requirement.

                    The Internet is the recipient of modern and high tech science. This is a wonderful feature available for anyone to get information from any corner of the world. Through this, we can easily transfer the information by connecting the computer to any one or more computers in any one place. 

              Through the Internet, we can send large or small messages in a few seconds, or some kind of information you can also send a computer or a digital device (tools) such as MB, mobile, PC. This is a large collection of information, in which there are millions of websites like home, business, educational, government, etc. We can call it a network of networkers.

                         Internet means that the International Network. The Internet is usually a network that is connected through a server from another network. It is a global network that is always connected to a computer with lots of computers. And because of this, we can do our online digital work, business work, message, mobile talk, and video calling. The Internet also has cables, with the help of which this entire network is ready and we come online for in few seconds.

                      The Internet, which has a fast network, is always online to give information about all the things. And we take the help of search engines to get information about the things we need.

                       The search engine is a software-based system where we get the information. The search engine has been built in such a way that we can get whatever information we want. That information can be found in the format of the text or through the photos or in the video. And all this information is available on the World Wide Web.

    What Is WWW?


              This is called the World Wide Web, it is a place of information where documents and other web sources are identified by the same Uniform Resource Locator (URL), which are embedded This is called the World Wide Web, it is a place of information where documents and another web sources are identified by the same Uniform Resource Locator (URL), which are embedded by hypertext links and connected through the Internet.
                           When we search any word on the Internet, the search engine receives all the information associated with that word on the World Wide Web and shows it to you. And for this, there are many search engines present on the internet, but we all search on the same and that is "Google".


                             G is Google's friends. We all know about Google and everyone uses Google today. Whether for the purpose of sending messages to us or video calling or digital service, we use Google for everyone. And Google has given you a lot of services for you.


    You know what, there are more search engines like Google, from where we can get information and digital services. In addition to Google, Yahoo, Bing, and, such as, Baidu, and many search engines have a lot on the Internet. If you search for it on the internet you will know. But in today’s date world Google is the one that everyone likes.

                                            Google is a big company that helps in the search of the internet. Google started in 1998. Google has launched a lot of products on the Internet, which is a useful tool for you to increase your business, or to give us information about anything topic. Through such digital products, all our problems are easy. And this also saves us a lot of time. Google Chrome, Google Translate, Google Drive, Google Maps, and Google Play Store. Through all these Google products make our life so easy.

                                 Google also gives us all the many digital services. This makes our life the best, like Google Mail, Google Plus, Google News, and Google Play Movies & TV, Google pay, etc. Still, some people do not know about Google's products. That's why friends I will tell you about Google products in my upcoming article.

              In this article, I have given you basic information about Google, Search Engine, and the Internet. We all of us know about all of them today. Still, I will tell you many technical things related to this topic in the next upcoming article.

    I hope to friends, you will have liked this article. If you have any questions about this article then you can comment on me.

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