What Is RAM? & How Does RAM Work?

What is RAM? What is the full form of RAM? What are the types of RAM? What is the function of RAM? How does RAM work? Today in this article You will get answers to all these questions. So guys, read this article completely and you will get good information about RAM.

          Welcome guys to my Digital Tech Akshay blog. In today's time, the technology of smartphones and computers are changing every day. That is why you need to know some basic things. Because today is the time of technology. So today we will know about the memory used in smartphones and computers, whose name is RAM. So friends let's start the article.

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What Is RAM

          Almost all smartphone and computer users are familiar with the term RAM. Because you go to get a new mobile, then the question remains in your mind how much RAM mobile you should take? so that you do not face any trouble later. If we talk about RAM, computer, laptop, or your mobile all the devices will have a very important memory. Because of this, any device works better.

    What Is RAM?

              You will know that there are three types of computer and smartphone memory. Primary memory, secondary memory, and cache memory. ram is primarily part of primary memory.

              RAM is called random access memory in full language. RAM memory is always low on computers and smartphones. Maximum RAM is seen up to 6GB only. Many people also call it direct access memory. Random-access memory is the main form of computer and mobile memory that can be read and changed in any order, typically it is used to store data.

              In today's technology, random-access memory is taking the form of integrated circuit (IC) chips with metal-oxide-semiconductor memory cells. RAM is typically associated with volatile types of memory, where the stored information is lost when power is removed, although non-volatile RAM has also been developed.

    What are the types of RAM?

              There are generally two types of RAM.

    1) Static RAM (SRAM): -

              The full name of SRAM is Static Random Access Memory. in this type of RAM Data remains constant. And there is no need to refresh it. SRAM is a volatile memory. Therefore, data remains in it till it is on power. All the data gets deleted automatically as soon as the power is off. A lot of memory is used as Cache Memory at this place. Because of this SRAM requires more chip to store data, hence SRAM also costs more money to make.

    2) Dynamic RAM: -

              "Dynamic" means moving. The full name of The DRAM is Dynamic Random Access Memory. This RAM has to be refreshed continuously, only then can data be stored in it. The DRAM is used as the CPU's main memory. Because the data is randomly obtained from it. And new data is stored automatically. Due to which the efficiency of the CPU remains fast and CPU efficiency is also very good.

    How Does RAM Work?

              Random-access memory is not known much about it from its full form. So let's try to understand this through a simple example. Suppose you are sitting in your office, and you need a file to work and the file is kept in another room. So whenever you have to work, you will go to another room and bring this file and keep it on the desk and work on that file.

    What is RAM? What is the full form of RAM? What are the types of RAM? What is the function of RAM? How does RAM work?, function of RAM, explained about RAM, RAM kya hai, RAM kaise kaam karti hai
    Working Of RAM

             But there comes a time when you have to work a lot together. And for this, you need a lot of files. So for this more work you need a bigger desk to keep more files. So when you have to do any work, you will start working by picking up its file from that desk. When your work is finished, you will put all those files back in the same room.

              In this way, the RAM which is on mobile and computer works. You can consider the second room containing the file as internal memory. In which all your files and applications are installed. And the desk is your RAM. 

              That you work on So here its work is according to your order that according to your instruction, bring any app and run it because it takes a second time to open any application. And this happens because RAM's speed is very fast.

              You can guess from this that it costs as much to make 1 GB of RAM as it is for making 16GB memory cards. So the file that the CPU needs, Ram works to send them as quickly as possible.

              When you install a game, it is not installed in RAM; rather it is installed in the internal memory of the phone. And when you click on that game, it comes to RAM from the phone's memory to run. And RAM starts working. In this bit, information is rapidly exchanged between CPU and RAM. But when your computer or mobile RAM is low and you are running and running many large applications, then in this situation mobile or computer hangs.

              That is why more RAM is said to be useful for multi-tasking. And anyway today it is super multi-tasking. Because Whatsapp is also to run, Facebook has to be checked, you have to listen to songs, the chat is also done, and that means there is no limit to use applications.

    Why Is RAM Required?

              If seen in today's time, at least 2GB ram should be in the smartphone and computer because the size of today's application is gradually increasing. Talking about Facebook, 200 to 300 MB of ram is spent as soon as the application is open. 

              And not only Facebook but the size of all the other applications are upgraded as their size also increases. Today, competitions are also increasing on the Internet and the company is late in its applications every day, which is why the size of the applications is increasing.

              That is why if you want to be able to do multitasking on mobile, then it is very important to have at least 2GB RAM on your mobile. With which you can also get rid of the problems of hanging the mobile. By the way, if you want, you can also pay attention to 3GB or 4GB smartphone. Because right now only 2GB will work. But in the future, you will start having problems with 2GB.

              You should buy as much RAM device as you can because RAM is something that cannot be increased later. That is, you can increase the space by installing a memory card but you cannot increase the RAM. 

              Although there is an option to increase RAM on the computer, you do not get this option on mobile. Because there are some applications that change the memory of the phone to ram after it is rooted. But this does not help much, but the mobile becomes slower than before.

              That is why it is very important to have RAM in the mobile and that too should be more than 2GB.

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