What Is Open Source Software?

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         In the last few articles, I told you about the operating system and programming language used on all computers and smartphones. And in this article, I am going to tell you about open-source software.

          Talking about technology, digital platforms are getting more advanced. Because we used to get 3 to 4 hours of all such works which are done only in the half-hour and that too with the help of our computer and smartphone-only sitting at home.

         Today we will talk about a subject that not many people know about. Everything will do work on computer and mobile. We can do all this with the help of different special software and applications. These are written and developed by software programs.

          If you are a computer student or you have done a computer course then you must have heard the name of open-source software. But if you do not know about this important term related to the computer, then the solution to your problem will definitely be found in this article. So, friends please read this article completely.

    What Is Open-Source Software?

    What Is Open Source Software? with full information.

              When a developer builds software from his technical knowledge. So with a license, the source code written to create that software gives all humans the right to publicly read the source of that software, make corrections and make changes as they wish. That software is called open-source software.

              That is, open-source software is software that is built with source code. Which can be read or modified by the user. And its source code is freely available on the Internet.

             The category of open source software includes software whose source code is available to all with that software. Typically a group of developers for open source software, also known as the developer community.

             Here everyone works together. National Resource Center for Free and Operational Source Software NRCFFOSS is a government organization created to promote open-source software in India.

             If you use a computer and smartphone then when you search the Internet to download any software or application in your device, then you must have seen much such software that is available for free. All these software are made by open-source software.

              Now you must be wondering how a person can make changes in open-source software. While there is someone else who makes that software.

              Coding is required to create any software. And there are two types of coding. One is the source code and the other is the object code. Unless you write a program in a programming language like C, C ++, Java language, the program is not of 5 or 10 lines. A lot of lines are there. And that group we call program instruction in computer language. Which is like a code. We call this code as source code.

    What Is Open Source Software? With full information.
    Open Source Software

             We make software to run in a computer device. But the computer does not understand this source code. Because the source code is in the human-readable format. Only we and you can understand this.

              The computer's help is taken to understand the source code written by the computer. Which converts the source code into object code. The computer understands zero bits. That is called object code or machine code.

             This object code is a sequence of zero and 1 bits. o, 010, 110, 101, which we humans cannot understand, but the computer understands them. After that, the software runs. Then the software is prepared by going. 

              So when we have the source code of the software available. So we can change the source code according to our requirement and add new features in it. Or you can improve the software by improving it.

              New software can be developed using source code. And we can also sell it for free and with some fees. Nobody has any restrictions on all these works. It is not that all the apps and software you get on the Internet are available for free. 

              There is some software that you have to agree to use. The software that we use by paying money is closed source software. It is also called proprietary software.

              The source code of this software is not available with the software. Therefore, no person can change it according to himself. The source of proprietary software is very secure. It can be modified and developed by the same company that created the software.

              A simple example of closed source software is Windows and ios operating system software which is a closed source operating system.

    Some Popular OSS Licenses:-

    • MIT License.
    • GNU General Public License 2.0
    • BSD License 2.0
    • GNU GPL 3.0

    Different Between Closed Source and Open Source Software: -

             Open-source software is much better than closed source software. Because we can make it easier to modify the source code of that software in open-source software. While this is not possible in closed source software. 

              Therefore most new software developers first use open-source software to test their written programs. And practice new software development.

    What Is Open Source Software? With full information.
    Open & Closed Source Software

              In an open-source software operating system, Linux in Symbian Server, Python in APK programming language, PHP in a web browser, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. are examples of this. 

              Android is the biggest and popular example of open-source software that millions of people are using today. Android is an open-source operating system software created by Google.

              Anyone can use Android today and make changes accordingly, adding new features and distributing them to others. If you want to become a developer and you need open-source software from where you can make software, then there are some websites available on the Internet for that. And their names are www.sourceforge.com and www.opensource.org.

    What are the benefits of open source software: -

    1) High Quality: -

              The quality of open source software is better than commercial software. Because different developers of the world develop them according to their need for collective efforts. Therefore, this software takes care of the needs of every type of user. Also, the small pearl lotus is fixed in time. This is why the quality of the software is very good.

    What Is Open Source Software? With full information.
    Benefits Of Open Source Software

    2) Security: -

               Open-source software is of better quality as well as more secure. These are updated from time to time. Where its boxes and errors are also corrected. This makes the software completely secure. Because it is contributed by developers around the world. Therefore, they are very powerful.

    3) Free of cost: -

              All software developed under open-source software is made available free of cost. The source code of this software is also provided completely for free. Which anyone can modify. According to an estimate, due to open source software being available for free, people save about 70 billion dollars of money every year.

    4) Training: -

              Many people prefer open-source software as they can use it to create better programs. This software is open in which any new users are able to easily learn programming by looking at its source code.

              In this, children studying computers can also increase their programming and developing skills by learning to code. To view or edit the source code of open-source software, you will get the source code from development platforms for free. Github is the most famous name from developer platforms. Where many open popular source code will be found.

    5) Control: -

              Source code is provided with open-source software. Therefore, the user can make necessary changes in the software according to his needs by checking the code himself. The user is given complete control to modify the source.
              Everyone can contribute to the further development of open source due to the free availability of open-source software source code. It provides a continuous development cycle. Which makes the software grow and improve in a short time.

    Some Famous Open Source Software Name:-

    • Linux – Operating System.
    • Mozilla Firefox – Web Browser.
    • Mozilla Thunderbolt – Email Client.
    • VLC Media Player – Media Player
    • Libre Office or Open Office – Document Editor.
    • GIMP – Graphic Editor.
    • Filezilla – FTP Client.
    • Apache Web Server – Server.
    • PHP – Programming Language.
    • Python – Programming Language.

    Some of the advantages of open-source software:-

    What Is Open Source Software? With full information.
    Advantages Of Open Source Software

    1) Freely available:-

               one of the opposite great benefits of using this system is that it's usually available free of charge. Users only got to download software from the web and begin using it. this enables the user to use the resources saved for software enhancement and other activities. It also helps in reducing the general cost of the project.

    2) Support:-

              This sort of popular software is usually supported by an outsized community of software developers who are always available online and help developers who encounter problems while developing solutions. This software usually accompanies well-crafted documentation which is extremely helpful when fixing and dealing with the software.

    3) Availability of resources:-

              Successful software is usually in demand so most software development companies provide efficient resources that will use this software to make a meaningful and useful solution for the client. If they need to survive during a tough job environment, developers got to keep themselves informed and updated with the newest and popular technologies.

              Friends, in today's article, you have learned what is open source software? You also learned about the open-source software benefits and benefits. If you have any questions about this article, then comment and tell me.

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