What Is Whatsapp?

              What is WhatsApp Application? How can we use WhatsApp? What is the basic function of the WhatsApp application? Today we will all talk about WhatsApp.

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1) What is WhatsApp?
2) Feature of WhatsApp messenger.

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➥What is WhatsApp?

What is Whatsapp? know everything about whatsapp
What is Whatsapp?

           Whatsapp was launched on February 24, 2009. In today's changing digital generation, we all use WhatsApp to share our emotions, our thoughts with our family and friends. But a few years ago we used to send a letter to another. Today everyone uses Whatsapp for instant messaging. And Whatsapp has given a big platform to the user for text messages. Today, Whatsapp is available on Android, iPhone, Mac and Windows PC and Windows Phone.

           Through Whatsapp, we can talk to our friends, relatives, and talk to them in front of them from live video calling. And with it, we can also share our pdf documents. In many mobile phones, WhatsApp is pre-installed, and in some mobile phone, WhatsApp is not already installed, we have to download WhatsApp from Google Play store.

           With WhatsApp, you can also do internet calling as well as live video calling. In WhatsApp, you can also post your own live status or live locations. Talk about live status, you can post photos, write our live status, videos. Whatsapp today everyone is using, and Whatsapp is also launching good and many new features for its users.

➥Some Important Features of WhatsApp Messenger Application:-

1) Group Chat: - 

              In WhatsApp, we can create separate groups of our Friends and Family members. Together we can also chat in those groups. All members of the message group sent to Whatsapp Group are immediately available.

2) No Charges: - 

              You do not have to give any charge to send any messages in Whatsapp. Whatsapp Messenger is an absolutely free application. You do not need to pay any kind of subscription fee to use WhatsApp. To use WhatsApp only you have to use your internet connection. You do not have to give any kind of international charges.

3) Whatsapp Web Application:- 

              Whatsapp's application can also be used on your laptop or computer. You can also download the WhatsApp application on a laptop and computer.

4) Multimedia:- 

               You can send photos, videos, pdf documents, and voice messages to your friends and to your family with the help of Whatsapp. You can also make a status through your emotion stickers.

5) Free calls, Free Video Calling:- 

               Whatsapp provides you with the convenience of calling your friends and your families free and for free video calling.
You do not have to pay any money on this. All you need is an internet pack.

6) Security:- 

               When we talk about the security of WhatsApp, WhatsApp gets you end-to-end encryption. When you send messages, photos, videos and documents to someone, then it can read the data sent only to the person whom you sent the data. No other person can read it. This facility is also available in audio calling and video calling.

                You also get the option of security of two-step verification in your own Whatsapp. Because of this, we can offer even more strong security to our Whatsapp account. But remember, for friends, you need a 6 digit PIN for two-step verification. When you register on WhatsApp, you get a 6 digit verification pin. The same PIN number is required for you to do a two-step verification.

                Two WhatsApp applications are available on the Google Play Store. As a Whatsapp Messenger and the other by the name of Whatsapp Business. We all know that WhatsApp Messenger is a free text and free multimedia messaging app. But WhatsApp business application is especially beneficial for small and big businesses. We will know the expansion in the upcoming article about WhatsApp Business Application.

               Whatsapp uses only your mobile number, and all your contacts are present on your phone and friends at WhatsApp Messenger. You do not have to remember any username and password in WhatsApp. As soon as you start your internet you get online at WhatsApp. The logic of logging and log out in your WhatsApp frequently goes away.

               In Today's article, we all have to go, what is the WhatsApp application? How can we use WhatsApp? What is the basic function of the WhatsApp application? In the next article, we will talk about, how we can register in the WhatsApp messenger application. And What's the more advanced Function?

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