What is social media?

           What is social media? how does it work? Why are we all connected to so many social media platforms today? In today's article, I will go to tell about social media.

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1) What is Social Media?
2) What is the Social Media platform?
3) How to use Social Media?

           Welcome to my Digital Tech Akshay Blog. Friends social media platform What is it? Why is there so much debate on our social media? Many such questions keep roaming in our minds. In today's post, we will find answers to many such questions. Please read this full article of mine.

What is social media?what is Social Media Platform?How to use social media? social media?
What is social media?
          Today, we all have the best smartphones running on 4G technology. And all the mobile companies are involved in making better smartphones. 5G technology is going to be launched in the coming months. This will make the Internet of the world even faster. We also get great functions with newer smartphones. With these functions we make our lives easier, rather I would say that life has become easy. There is a digitalization environment on every side.

           In today's world, we all do our work online. Whether it is for giving money to someone or taking money from someone. to take money from someone, online shopping, to do online food orders, all are being online today. With the help of smartphones, we can talk to our friends in a few seconds. We do all the work like movie bookings, train tickets, messaging, with the help of smartphones and social app. We call this a world full of digital technology, in simple language, we called that social media. So let's go, friends, What is today's social media? start on the topic.

➤What is social media?

           Social media also called social media services and social communication. Social media means a platform where we can do all the work of our Daily Lifestyle online. What is the world through social media? what happening in the world? We keep all have daily update through social media

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           Social media is the platform for many websites and applications, from which we get a lot of information. Or, we can say that social media is a kind of online digital world where we can work online and offline. We are always connected with our friends through social media. By today's date, there are many apps available on our smartphone, through which we can do all the work online only. This is possible due to the social media platform.

            Social media is a platform where we can earn money online, but for that, we have to know about those social websites or social applications. There are apps on social media that we can use to bring our business to the logo. a businessman can also make all payments online. People live in any corner of the world, they are always connected to us through social media.

➤What is Social Media Platform?

What is Social Media Platform?

What is Social Media Platform?

             As we all know, our daily lifestyle has been easy through social media. This is possible due to all the websites and digital applications that are available socially. There are lots of platforms from which we get good information and we can do all our work online or offline.

            Talking about platforms, we come to websites like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. However, all these websites are present in our smartphone through the application today. With it, there are some other websites where we live connected with our people. Talking about Payments, we use Google Pay, Premium, Phone Pay and Amazon Pay, because of which we can make money from anyone and give money to anyone, just with the help of our smartphone.

            We can also book online movies from the Book My Show website. Your favorite movie book can be from your smartphone anytime. Whether it is a food order, all our work is easily done through social media, that too is sitting in the house.

             All social media platforms are always associated with each other and Many new websites are also joining it. That is why we do not have to face any difficulty in doing our work online. But all these social media platforms have their own usage rules and some limitations. It is mandatory to obey all of us.

➤How to use social media?

              How do we use social media? The only answer to this question is that you must first read its rules and privacy policies of every social media platform once. From this, you will understand more about it. Later you will be able to use that website and application with good information.

How to use social media?

How to use social media

            If you use any social media platform to do your work online, you have to create your account there. Your personal information needs to be written. Your personal information is likely to leak online too. You have to keep the attention of this thing.

            The more important thing is that the more you use social media, the more your health will be affected as you go to a smartphone or laptop too much. So take care of yourself and give your daily schedule to social media. Social media is a world in the name itself. But you have to keep remember his rules and limitations too. Together you will also need to share your personal information while creating an account.

            However today everyone is aware of social media. Still, this is my first post of social media? you tell me by writing a comment that, How do you feel about this article?  You can follow, like and subscribe to my social media attachments and you can ask me your questions. I have given the social media link in my blog.

            In the coming years, the world of social media is big enough then it is my attempt to share as much information as possible with you. You can ask your doubts to me. We also get a chance to learn something from yours. So friends meet in the next article. Thanks for reading my post.

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          Friends, for several days I did not write any articles, for some small business reasons but today I wrote an article on social media for you. I'm sure you liked it.

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