What Is ROM? & How Does ROM Work?

Hello, friends and welcome everyone to our Digital Tech Akshay Blog. In the previous article, I told you what is RAM? How does it work And in today's article, I am going to tell you about ROM. So friends, let's start today's article.

           Many of you use computers and smartphones. Many people must be wondering what is this ROM basically? So let's tell you about it. Because this word is often heard to us when we buy a smartphone or computer laptop. So you will definitely want to know that its size should be less or more on mobile. 

          When you buy a mobile, you will see that the internal memory is 16GB but if seen, it is 14.5GB. Then it is even less. So why does this happen exactly? You will also find the answer in this article. ROM is not one of a kind, they change from day-to-day. So, let's learn about ROM through this article today.

    What Is ROM?

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    What Is ROM

              ROM is a memory like RAM. It is only part of the primary memory of a computer. You know that a computer has two types of memory. One primary and second secondary memory. There are two types of primary memory. One ram and the other ROM memory. And the full name of ROM is a read-only memory.

              By its name you may have come to know that we can just read this memory. It has a fixed program, meaning it is a completely permanent memory. We cannot change this program easily. When you buy a computer, the BIOS program is already there. 

              This BIOS program helps the ON system on the computer. And with this, the program links computers and operating systems. So this BIOS is already installed on the new computer. And the memory in which it resides is called ROM (read-only memory).

              The computer consists of a firmware software program that is attached to the hardware. And whatever programs are in the firmware also reside on a ROM chip. This memory is also called non-volatile memory. This memory is created only when computers are built. ROM is not only used in computers and mobiles. We use it in some other electronic devices like washing machines, microwaves, televisions, aces, lifts.

              All basic and advanced functionality of the computer is stored in ROM. ROM memory cannot be edited or erased, it can only be read. ROMs are more useful for storing software.

    How Does ROM Work?

              We call BIOS-BASIC INPUT-OUTPUT SYSTEM. It is like a microprocessor which together with the ROM, helps to turn on all the systems of the computer. It controls the flow of data between computer connected devices such as a mouse, keyboard, hard disk and video adapter, and the computer operator.

              Because of this BIOS system, ROM knows which other hardware is connected with it? ROM is a memory where we can save all our data such as - audio, video, photo, document, and the software or apps that are installed are also saved in ROM. The speed of ROM is less than that of RAM. The ROM chip must have perfect programming to perform well. If it does not, you cannot re-program it again.

    What Are The Types Of ROM?

    1) Masked Read Only Memory: -

              This is the first type of ROM. In today's world, it is not used at all. This is the only read hard-wired device. In which pre-programmed data and instruction are stored. Such memory is very expensive.

    2) Programmable Read-Only Memory: -

              This is the type of read-only memory that we can change only once. Changing here means inserting some new program in PROM and it is also called update. Once updated, we cannot update it again.

              The user buys a BLACK PROM and then can insert the instruction he wants to put into it. This memory has small fuses inside which commands are inserted through programming. Once programmed, you cannot erase it again.

    3) Erasable And Programmable Read-Only Memory: -

              This is another type of ROM, its specialty is that we can also erase it and program it again. The way to erase this memory is quite different. In which you are passed this memory with ultraviolet light for 40 minutes and then this memory is completely deleted. The EPROM eraser is used to perform this work.

              While programming, the charge is inserted inside it. Ultraviolet light is passed through a quartz crystal window to erase this charge. The effect of this light causes all the charges to be erased.

    4) Electrically Durable & Programmable Read-Only Memory: -

              Due to the change in technology, there is a need to change the read-only memory again and again. This is why this memory is used. Its specialty is that we can also erase and program it 10,000 times.

              We can select any location of memory in it and we can erase and program the same. There is no need to delete the entire chip. This EEPROM is easy because of this advantage.

    Advantage Of ROM: -

    1) Its nature is non-volatile, which keeps the program permanently.
    2) Its data does not change automatically, only the data changes by changing.
    3) ROM is cheaper than RAM.
    4) It is stable and there is no need to refresh it again and again.

             Friends, in this article did you know What Is ROM? What are the types of ROM? However, if you have any questions about this subject, then ask me in the comment box below. If you like all my articles, then please subscribe to my blog and follow, like my social media account too. So friends, let's meet with a new topic in the next article.

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