What is Domain Name? And How Does A Domain Name Work?

What is Domain Name? What is the type of domain name? What is a subdomain? How does a domain name work? Where to buy domains? Friends, today I am going to tell you more about information about domain names in this article, then friends, read my article completely so that you will know everything about the domain name.

          Welcome guys to my Digital Tech Akshay blog once again. Here you get information about blogging, affiliate marketing, Android applications, computers, and important websites. In today's article, I am going to tell you about the domain name. So friends, let's start today's article. Friends, please tell me how you felt by commenting.

          Friends internet is a store of knowledge today. You get a lot of information about anything through a search engine on the Internet. When you search for someone, then millions of websites come in front of you. And you get information from one of those websites. And this work is done in just a few seconds.

          You get a lot of information through websites and blogs. But to make a website, we need a lot of things. Such as web hosting, website platforms (WordPress and Blogger), and domain names. 

          Yes friends, if you are creating a blog or a website, then you need to pay more attention to these three parameters. Because only these three things make your website or blog complete. Let's know what is a domain name?

    What Is A Domain Name?

              Domain Name is the address of the blog or website. Through this, any internet user can visit your website on the browser. Domain Name This is a nomenclature by which we can identify any website on the Internet and when talking about any website, all are connected to some IP address in the background. IP Address (Internet Protocol Address) This is a numerical address that tells Browser wherein the Internet that website is present.

    What is Domain Name?, What is the type of domain name?, What is a subdomain?, How does a domain name work?, Where to buy domains?, Where Did You Buy The Domain Name
    Domain Name

              Internet computers have a large network. In this, different computers remain connected to each other through the network. And each computer has an IP address to identify the computer. An IP address is a series of numbers that identifies a particular computer on the Internet. Similarly, the website also has an IP address, so that any user can open any website.

             All websites are hosted or stored in a server and the Domain Name is connected to the IP of that server. Whenever you type the name of a website in your URL Bar, only then it connects the IP of your server with the help of your domain name, so that you can see your searched website URL in your browser.

              Friends, you must have understood that what is a domain name? Now let us know the types of domain names.

    Types Of Domain Names: -

              If seen, domain names are of very types, but today I am going to tell you about the important domain names. So that you can easily choose any domain name.

    Top-Level Domains- TLD:-

              Top Level Domains (TLD) is also called as Internet Domain Extension. This is the last part where the domain ends. The domain name of this type was first created. With the help of this domain, you can easily rank your website on any search engine. 

              It is very SEO friendly. And it also gives more importance to the Search Engines. Top-level domains are generic domain extensions. And in the domain name system, only the highest level of top-level domains are used.

     TLD from which anyone can buy,

    • .com (commercial)
    • .org (organization)
    • .net (network)
    • .gov (government)
    • .edu (education)
    • .name (name)
    • .biz (business)
    • .info (information)

    Types of the domain name
    Types Of The Domain Name

    Country Code Top Level Domains - ccTLD:-

              This type of domain is used in a common country. It is named on the basis of two-letter ISO CODE of a country.

    • .us: United States
    • .in: India
    • .ch: Switzerland
    • .cn: China
    • .ru: Russia
    • .br: Brazil

    What Is Subdomain Name?: -

              Friends, by now you must have known what is the domain Subdomains allow you to create multiple websites in a single domain. Sub-domains can be used for different tasks like if we have to write articles on Hindi on our blog, then we should make our domain in English.digitaltechakshay.com can be created like this.

              But a subdomain is a part of your Main Domain Name. The subdomain cannot be purchased. If you buy any Top Level Domains Name, then you can divide it into Subdomain Names. Like digitaltechakshay.com is my TLD Name and I call it Hindi. digitaltechakshay.com and English.digitaltechakshay.com. It is absolutely free, for this, you do not have to pay any Charge.

    How Does Domain Name Work?

              Whenever you search the address of any website in the search bar, the web browser first sends a request to a global network of servers that make up the domain name system. This server looks for all the name servers associated with your domain name and forwards this request to those name servers.

    How does domain name work?

             These are name server computers that are managed by the hosting company and the hosting company accesses your request to the computer where your website's data store is.

              These computers are known as web servers. There is much special software on the webserver, this webserver fetches all the pages of the website and finally sends that website data to the browser.

              After this kind of process, whatever you search on the Internet, you get its results in a few seconds.

    Where Did You Buy The Domain Name?

              Today, a lot of websites are available on the Internet that sells domain names. Always remember that you have to buy a unique and top-level domain name, this will rank your website. Below are some website names from which you can buy a good domain name, however here you also have the facility to buy hosting.

              Guys, I'm sure what is your domain name? How does a domain name work? And what is the type of domain name? You must have got good information about it. If you have any question in your mind then please comment me below. Make sure to share the article with your friends so that they too know about the domain name.

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