What Is Facebook?

What is facebook? How we can use Facebook? What is the feature of Facebook? What is the other application of Facebook? What is the use of them? Friends In today's article we are going to talk about Facebook.

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1) What is Facebook?
2) How to use facebook?
3) Feature of Facebook.
4) Facebook Applications.

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          Facebook is a very big and very popular platform in the world of social media. Today everyone recognizes Facebook. Talking about the social media platform, the first name on the tongue comes from Facebook itself.

 ➤What is facebook?

What is facebook? How we can use Facebook? What is the feature of Facebook? What is the other application of Facebook? What is the use of them?
What Is Facebook?

          Facebook is a social media platform. Where people can share their content. In the digital language, Facebook is a social networking service company. Facebook was founded on February 4, 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg. On today's date, Facebook is considered to be one of the Big Four Technology companies with Amazon, Apple, and Google.

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         Today Facebook has more than 2.3 billion monthly active users worldwide. From this, we can say that Facebook is a huge social networking site and is growing very fast. Let's tell you, friends, Facebook bought Instagram and WhatsApp Social Media Platform.

➤How to use Facebook?

          As I said, Facebook is a social networking site. We can also use Facebook for our personal and business.

➥Personal Use of Facebook: -

          In personal use, we can make Friends on Facebook by sending a Friend Request to our friends. We can also create a group of friends and family. We can publish content and publish photos of our family and friends. We can also tag our family and friends in our post. Meaning tag, mixing other people in the post. Posting them by adding them to our post.

➥Business Use of Facebook: -

          On Facebook, you can not create a separate business profile like Instagram and Pinterest on a social media website. But Facebook has given a different feature to grow business and reach out to people. That name is Facebook Page. Well, we can also create one fan page, but only I would say that the Facebook page should be made for business only? You get to see all the features in it. On the Facebook page, I am going to create a separate article and then you will be given full information about the Facebook page.

You can also run Ads on Facebook for your business, due to which your business will reach as many people as possible and grow your business.

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➤Features of Facebook: -

What is facebook? How we can use Facebook? What is the feature of Facebook? What is the other application of Facebook? What is the use of them?

Features of Facebook

1) Facebook page: -

           Facebook lets you create a page for your business. Here you can add your products and also give your business-related services to the customers.

2) Facebook Group: -

          Facebook allows you to create social groups. Where people will join your Facebook group and you can access your business and services to the people.

3) Facebook Marketplace: -

          Facebook allows its users to access the online marketplace. You can sell your products in the marketplace. You can also sell old products here too. People will contact you with your products and you can easily sell your products.

4) Facebook Ads: -

          Facebook allows you to run your own ads on Facebook. You can run the Ads of your choice. You can also make custom ads yourself. But you have to pay money to run ads on Facebook. In this also, you will give full information in the forthcoming article.

5) Facebook videos: -

          You can also upload videos on Facebook. You can upload videos on your Facebook personal and your Facebook page.

➤Facebook's applications: -

1) Facebook Messenger: -

          In Facebook Messenger, you can chat with your Facebook Friends. Friends you can also create groups according to your friends and business. You can do video calling too. You can also voice here too. In Facebook Messenger, you get a Discover option where you can chat with the business near you. You can also play online games with friends here.

2) Facebook Adverts Manager: -

          You can manage your Facebook Ads account through this Facebook Adverts Manager. You can manage your ads at any time through your mobile. These applications have made Facebook, especially for Ads.

3) Facebook Page Manager: -

          You can manage your Facebook page through this Facebook Page Manager App. Here you get to edit, edit your pages, publish any post, and get all the pages related features.

Click here to download android application of Facebook Page Manager

4) Facebook Analytics Applications: -

          The Facebook analytics app enables you and your team to stay on top of your development, engagement and conversion efforts. Easily View key metrics and reports, check automatic information and get notifications when changes occur.

Click here to download android application of Facebook Analytics 


5) Workplace By Facebook: -

          Create groups for your teams and projects here and use them to share unlimited project updates, files, videos, photos, ideas and more. The workplace ad is free and is completely different from Facebook. That's why you and your team can concentrate on meeting your goals and meeting your goals in changing your company to a community.

Click here to download android application of Workplace By Facebook

6) Facebook and messenger lite app: -

          The Facebook Lite app means that both of these apps are available in the Google Play Store in lesser sizes. In both of these apps, the rest of the function is the same as I have already told you. Only you can use it in a lesser size, which will also save your internet data.

Click here to download android application of Facebook Lite
           There is a lot to write about Facebook, but friends will tell you in the next article. There were also some articles written about Facebook's applications in the next article but you have to wait a bit longer.

           Friends, today you know about Facebook social media platforms, today everyone knows how to use Facebook? What is facebook? But some people do not know about Facebook?
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