How To Make Money From The URL Shortener Website?

How to make money from the URL shortener website? Which is the best way to make money online? What is the best URL shortener website to make money online? Friends, today I will tell you how you can make money from the URL shortener website? So, friends, let's start today's topic.

          Welcome guys once again to my Digital Tech Akshay blog. Here you get to read good articles related to digital technology. Today I will tell you how you can earn money by shortening any URL and sharing it on social media platforms? So let's start today's topic.

          Today, in this world filled with digital technology, we have received all the best services online and by using them our lifestyle has become much easier now than before. There are many such applications in social media and many such websites on the Internet, using which we can easily do any work sitting at home.

          With digital technology, a lot of ways have been opened for us to earn money online. There are many such platforms, by which we can easily earn good money part-time. Similarly, you can do a good earning by using URL shortener websites on the Internet.

    Make Money From The URL Shortener Website:-

             By the name itself, you will have come to know that you can shorten any long URL through this URL shortener website. Today there are many URL shortener websites available on the Internet. The links on the Internet are very long and we can share such long links but it takes up much space, for that we use URL shortener websites. So that we make a short URL and share it and those who see it also like this URL.

    How to make money from the URL shortener website? Which is the best way to make money online? best URL shortener website to make money online.
    URL Shortener Websites

              Google URL Shortener and are two such URL shortener websites that people use the most, but you cannot make money from these two websites. This will only give you a long URL shortcode. You can also see the statistics of your shortened URL on both these websites. But Google has stopped its service now. So now people use more and more.

    Shrinkearn URL Shortener Site: -

              Shrinkearn is a URL shortener website from which you will get money in exchange for shortening any URL when you share it on the Internet, on social media platforms, and as soon as Visitor clicks on your shortened URL. You get a minimum of 5$ payout in Shrinkearn.

              Today there are many URL shortener websites available on the Internet, by which you can earn money using them. All these websites have the same basic mantra Short-Share-Earn. Due to this basic theme, this website is becoming famous today.

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    How To Sign Up In Shrinkearn?

              First of all, you have to go to the links given below. The Shrinkearn site homepage will open in front of you. After coming to the homepage, you have to click on the Sign Up Now button.


              First, you have to create your own username. Later you have to write a Gmail ID & later you have to set a password for your account. You have to confirm the same password again by re-entering it. 

              Then you have to tick the re-captcha. After this you have to sign the terms of the shrinkearn and the privacy policy, you must read it once. And finally, you have to register yourself with shrinkearn by clicking on the register button.

              Friends, you can sign up directly in your shrinkearn directly from Google's Gmail ID.

              All you have to do is click on the button below Sign up with Google. As you will be fully registered in shrinkearn, you will go directly to the dashboard of shrinkearn.

              After coming to the shrinkearn account, first, you have to go to the settings and fill the information of your profile only then you can go and take your payment.

              In the section of the profile, you want to know the name, address, mobile number, and how you want to take the money. I have to write about all this. This is your billing address in a way.

             In this shrinkearn, you can see the monthly report of your all shortened URL. You can see that which link is becoming the most popular? how much money? have you earned for which link? You can also see how many views you got on which link?.

    How Does Shrinkearn Work?

              First of all, you have to click on the New shorten link shown in the shrinkearn dashboard. A small window will open in front of you, you have to paste one of your long URLs in it and click on the button of the shorten below. And your long links will be shortened through shrinkearn. Shrinkearn is a completely free URL shortener website.

              If you shorten any link, you can also fix the expiry date of that link. Meaning on which day that link is going to expire.

              You have to copy the shortened link and share it on your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Whatsapp, etc. As soon as someone clicks on your shared links and ticks the captcha by verifying and clicking on the gate link, you will be earning from it and this earning is going to be in dollars.

              So friends, without spending time, join shrinkearn as soon as possible and start a good earning.

    Shrinkearn Referral Program: -

              Shrinkearn runs its own referral program, you must have seen it in the shrinkearn dashboard. Through this referral program, you can earn a lifetime of 20% referral earning. This means that if a user registers in the shrinkearn through your referral links, then you will receive 20% of their earnings.

              You get banners in this shrinkearn referral program. These are also called referral banners. Using these banners, you can share your referral link. You can put these banners on your blog, website, and post.

    Tips To Remember: -

    1) You can use the same Gmail ID only once. You cannot create a different account with the same Gmail ID.

    2) You will get money according to the rate of different countries on 1000 views. Which country are your views coming from?

    3) You must put a shrinkearn referral banner on your blog and website so that the visitors can join your link through shrinkearn.

    4) You can also change your password by going to settings.

              Like shrinkearn, you will find many URL shortener websites on the internet to earn money but few sites are good which are quite famous such as, GP links, etc.

             You can earn good money by registering in any of the sites mentioned above. Many people use one of these three sites.

              In this way, you can earn money from an online URL shortener website. In today's article, you have known in detail how you can earn money by shortening the URL? And the URL shortener website is the best way to earn money online.

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