What Is An Operating System? For newbie

You must have heard the name of the operating system many times but there are few people who are fully aware of the operating systems. That is why our article, what is an operating system? Will give you complete information about it.

          Just as mobile and internet is an essential part of our life, similarly operating system is an essential part of mobile and computer. Without the operating system, no mobile and computer can run.

          There are a lot of small parts inside the mobile and computer that make any device look good but if there is no operating system, then all these parts will not work with each other. That is why the operating system is very important for mobile and computer.

          In this article today, we are going to give you all the information related to the operating system, in which what is the operating system? How does the operating system work? And what are the types of OS? You will get information about all these from this article.

    What Is An Operating System?:-

              The operating system is also called system software. It is sometimes called OS by short name. An operating system is a very important part of the computer. The OS is system software that acts as an interface between the user and computer hardware.

    What Is An Operating System? For newbie, How does the operating system work?, what are the types of operating system?, Top Operating System For Computer & mobile
    Operating System

              Whenever you run the computer, this OS gives you the means to use a computer. As you listen to the song, sit down with three or four windows, and save some files on the computer, you can never do all this without an operating system.

              This OS is software that lets you run your computer. That is why whenever you buy a new computer, you first see the operating system in it. Not every application and software on the computer will run without the operating system.

              This OS helps in using computer hardware well. This is what the operating system mainly does. Like takes some input from the keyboard, processes the instruction, and sends the output to the computer screen.

              You see this operating system only when you turn on the computer and shut down the computer. You install games, software, social media applications on your computer and to run them, you need a program or software which we call the operating system.

              Today, the Windows operating system is more popular in the world, which is used for computers. And the Android operating system is used for mobile.

    The Function Of The Operating System:-

              A computer does a lot of work. But first of all when you start the computer, then the operating system first loads the main memory of the computer into RAM and after that, it allows the user software which needs hardware from the angle.

    Memory Management: -

              The computer had primary and secondary memory. Primary memory consists of RAM and ROM, and secondary memory includes a hard disk, memory card, CD-DVD external memory. And the operating system manages both these memories.

              Primary memory is the fastest running memory that the CPU uses directly because all the programs the CPU runs are in primary memory only. Which part of primary memory will be used, which will not be, how much will be there, how much will not be.

    Processor Management: -

              The operating system also checks whether the processor is empty or something is working or is free and whether the process has finished its work. If you want, you can go to the task manager and see how many things are going on and how many are not. 

              The program that does all this is called Traffic Controller. The processor allocates CPU. When the work of one process is over, it puts the processor in another work and frees the processor if nothing is done.

    Device Management:-

              Each computer has a sound driver, Bluetooth driver, graphics driver, wifi driver. And these help in running different input/output devices. But the operating system runs all these drivers. The operating system tracks all computer devices.

    File Management:-

              All the directories are kept in the file by organizing them. Because with this we can easily find the data. In file management, the operating system organizes information, location, and status.

    System Management:-

              The operating system looks at the computer's performance and improves the system. The OS records how long it takes to deliver a service. If there are too many errors in the system, then the OS detects and recovers them.

    Security Management: -

              It prevents our system from having unauthorized user access. This means that no user other than you can use your computer without your permission. For this, you can set a password on your computer.

              When you turn on your computer, you will first ask for the password, only then you will reach the desktop.

              Responsibility of the operating system to run all applications and software installed in friends computer is an operating system. The OS keeps giving you notifications about all the errors happening in the system. And establishes a good synergy between the user and computer programs. 

              Maintains communication between the user and the system.

    Top Operating System For Computer & Mobile:-

    • Windows OS for the computer.
    • Android OS for smartphones.
    • Mac OS for the computer.
    • iOS OS for smartphones.

    Types Of Operating Systems: -

              Changes are being made in technology from time to time. In addition, computers have also developed a lot over time. Ever since the installation of the computer, the operating system is also being used. Along with making changes in the computer, a new version has been developed to make the operating system also compatible.

    What Is An Operating System? For newbie, How does the operating system work?, what are the types of operating system?, Top Operating System For Computer & mobile
    Types of operating system

              There are many types of operating systems such as multi-user operating system, single-user operating system, multi-tasking operating system, multi-processing operating system.

    1) Single and multi-tasking OS: -

              In a single task operating system, only one program runs once. And in a multi-task operating system, you play more than one program in concert.

    2) Single & multi-user OS: -

              The single-user operating system does not have any facility to separate users but allows multiple programs to run concurrently. And in multi-user operating systems, the basic concept of multi-tasking is equipped with the features, which process And identifies resources, such as disk space, related to multiple users, and the system permits multiple users to interact with the system simultaneously.

    3) Distributed Operating System:-

              A distributed operating system manages a group of individual computers and makes them a single computer. Distributed computations are performed on more than one machine. When computers in a group cooperate, they create a distributed system.

    4) Real-Time Operating System:-

              A real-time operating system is that guarantees to process events or data by a specific moment in time. A real-time operating system can be single- or multi-tasking, but when multitasking, it uses specialized scheduling algorithms to achieve a fixed nature of behavior.

                Friends, you must have known how important is the operating system to run computers and mobile electronic devices?. All computers and mobile operating systems are already installed.

              I have written articles on Android and ios operating systems, you must read them once so that you can understand more about the operating system.

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